• Drinking Warm Lemon Water

    Drinking Warm Lemon Water

    Many weight loss surgery patients look to add liquids in their diet which can be tasty. Although lemon water may not be applicable to all and not all health benefits as outlined above may be achieved nevertheless weight loss surgery patients frequently look to drink flavored waters.

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  • Key Lime Pie Post Gastric Sleeve

    Dr. Shillingford's practice in South Florida offers information on recipes and nutrition for post gastric sleeve patients. Dr Shillingford's practice is in the region of the country shared by Key West, a famous and historical place to eat key lime pie! Gastric sleeve patients can continue to eat occasional desserts that are hard earned with caution regarding calories and fat content.

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  • Diabetes and Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Dr Shillingford Florida Gastric Sleeve Surgeon

    In Florida along with the rest of the country the statistics and numbers associated with diabetes are becoming alarming. Diabetes is labelled to be by 2030 affecting more people than the populations of Great Britain and the United States combined. It is sad but true: diabetes is a complex disease - involving environment, genetics, sedentary lifestyle, diet and obesity. People with obesity are at high risk to become diabetic. As the statistics warn diabetes is creeping into all socioeconomic, ethnic and age groups throughout the world.

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  • Healthy Food Options for Obese Teens

    Dr Shillingford and his staff located in Boca Raton, Florida are aware that many of our families struggle with obesity through genetics as one modifier. We are sensitive and nutrition information and awareness for families and teens is a priority for Dr Shillingford and his staff.

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