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Healthy Food Options for Obese Teens

Healthy Food Options for Obese Teens

Healthy Food Options for Obese TeensDr Shillingford and his staff located in Boca Raton, Florida are aware that many of our families struggle with obesity through genetics as one modifier. We are sensitive and nutrition information and awareness for families and teens is a priority for Dr Shillingford and his staff.

Below are Five Healthy Foods Dr Shillingford's staff recommend for Healthier Eating

Homemade Pizza:

Believe it or not homemade pizza can be surprisingly healthy when using key ingredients that are organic and healthier in choice. This can be a fun filled family activity. The key is the bread/dough to be as healthy as possible. Using veggies to top the pizza is also a great idea!

Veggie Smoothie:

You can blend his/her favorite juices to make a delicious veggie smoothie. Try adding veggies such as carrots and beets.


Wraps which include superfoods and healthy nutrition within the wrap itself are priceless. Chicken cesar wraps with fat free ranch can be a healthy alternative to a fast food lunch. Allow your teen some independence and fun in making wraps including family trips to the supermarket.

Butternut Squash Soup:

The taste of butternut squash has an enticing sweetness to it. The color of orange is also delightful. Soups in general can be healthy, filled with protein and filling.

Oatmeal Snack Cakes:

Rice Cakes traditionally have a lower caloric intake. Many teens are used to breakfast flavors from oatmeal. This may be also set up a good habit into young adulthood. Instead of snacking on potato chips, snack cakes with some fruit or cheese can be a healthier alternative.

Family Options that are healthier are always worth exploring. Dr Shillingford and staff in the sunshine state of Florida wish you the best as you navigate healthier choices!

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