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Before and After

Before and After

N.F. (Orlando, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
Weight Loss to Date: 125 lbs in 1 year

zivkovic bozidar ComparisonShe Lost over 100 Pounds!

First of all I’d like thank God for helping me be able to achieve a goal in life and second for having helped me find this amazing doctor to help make my dream come true. Thank you to Dr. Shillingford and your staff, and to God.zivkovic bozidar Comparison


Trisha Before and After

Trisha S. (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
Weight Loss to Date: 108 pounds in 1 year

zivkovic bozidar ComparisonTrisha’s Decision to Travel Out of State for Gastric Sleeve Surgery Pays Off.

I decided to pursue weight loss surgery because after years of yo-yo dieting, I finally accepted that I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off without help. My insurance didn’t cover the surgery, so I researched affordable self pay bariatric surgeons and found Dr. Shillingford. Even traveling out of state for my surgery, it was so much more affordable than most other options without leaving the country.

I found Dr. Shillingford to be kind and polite, and I felt good throughout the process. I had a smooth surgery, with no complications immediately post op, and none since. The gastric sleeve was the right choice for me because I liked how relatively simple the procedure is compared to other weight loss surgeries- I simply have a smaller stomach.

I’ve lost 108 pounds in 9.5 months, and am very close to my personal goal. I know I couldn’t have done this on my own, and I’m so grateful to Dr. Shillingford for making this possible for me!zivkovic bozidar Comparison


Lonnie Before and After

Weight prior to surgery: 284 pounds Pants size: 44
Weight 18 months later: 178 pounds Pants size: 32
Satisfied: Extremely!!!
Happy: You Bet!!
Recommend Dr. Shillingford: 100%

Daniel (Cocoa, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
Weight Loss to Date: 106 pounds


Laura Before and After

Laura L. (Boca Raton, FL)
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve
Weight Loss to Date: 48 lbs in 12 weeks

zivkovic bozidar Comparison All of my life I have struggled with my weight. I was always athletic and played sports when I was younger, which played a big role in helping me maintain my weight back then. As life pressed on, so did my weight. I have always stressed about my weight and have dieted constantly. I would lose weight and then gain it back, lose weight and gain it back plus some! This cycle has been a consistent fixture in my life. I was so depressed because I would eat healthy foods, exercise constantly and would sometimes even gain weight! I saw a doctor for medical weight loss on and off, I did Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Healthy Meal delivery, 21 Day Fix, Cookie Diet, HCG diet, Crossfit. You name it, I probably did that diet. I got to my highest weight ever and hit my breaking point and was just mentally exhausted from dieting and getting nowhere. Weight loss surgery was mentioned to me and it really made me think seriously about it. It was then that I decided to research different weight loss surgery options. I chose the gastric sleeve. It was the best decision ever! I have already lost about half of my goal weight in just 3 months! (This is amazing for me since I couldn’t even lose 5 pounds in 3 months before the surgery) It has reset my whole body and lifestyle. I have much healthier eating habits now and with all the new energy, I can enjoy exercising again! I am so happy that I trusted my gut instinct and went with Dr. Shillingford! Not only is Dr. Shillingford an amazing surgeon, but he is very caring, compassionate and he actually listens to you when you are talking to him. I never feel rushed nor do I feel like I am just a number. I truly believe he is as excited as I am about my weight loss success! I would recommend him in a heartbeat. After all, not only did he save my life, but he gave me an even happier and healthier life to live! zivkovic bozidar Comparison


Lonnie Before and After

Anonymous (Florida)
Gastric sleeve surgery
Weight Loss: 84 lbs in 1 year

zivkovic bozidar Comparison One year ago, you helped me change my life. Thanks to your surgery, I have lost 84 pounds, and have a newfound energy. I will forever be grateful for you and your fantastic team. zivkovic bozidar Comparison


Lonnie Before and After

Way to go Lonnie!

Lonnie C., West Coast, FL
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Weight loss: 60 lbs/ 7 mo

zivkovic bozidar Comparison My story is a little different from others. I was fortunate to be born with an athletic body. I have been active my whole life in competitive sports. Turning 50 I even completed a half Ironman Triathalon “without injury.” I was so proud of my accomplishment! Then I began to realize something was wrong, and long story short, I had a parathyroid tumor. Then, hypothyroidism followed…all on top of menopause. I went from a size 8 to a size 18 in one year and within 3 years my once 150 lbs body weighed over 200 lbs. At this time, I made a commitment to start my life over again. I was not going to be one of the statistics. Even though I resigned to not being able to return to being 18 years old and eating whatever I wanted, I was going to fight metabolic disease! The gastric sleeve surgery gave me the jump-start to continue my quest for good health, enjoying exercise, and giving back to others! zivkovic bozidar Comparison


joanne watts Before and After

You are a Star, Joanne!

Joanne W., Coral Springs, FL
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Weight loss: 120 lbs/ 1 yr

zivkovic bozidar Comparison All I have to say in regards to Dr. Shillingford is THANK YOU! He is simply the BEST and above the rest! I was going into this lifestyle change a bit nervous, but with him and his office manager Nancy…. All was well! From the insurance procedure, to paperwork, to the counseling, and those last minute phone calls because I was so nervous and they were so patient. Nancy is the most sweetest, compassionate, person ever and I truly thank God for them both! If they ever need me to speak at any event… I am just a phone call away!
Thank you once again! zivkovic bozidar Comparison


zivkovic bozidar Comparison

Bozidar Z., Delray Beach, FL
Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Weight loss: 56 lbs/ 9 mo

zivkovic bozidar Comparison I’m very happy with Dr. Shillingford and his office staff, especially the office manager, Nancy. Thank you for being persistent on getting insurance approval, for great patient education pre & post surgery, for continuous support during my weight-loss regimen, and the knowledgeable Dr.’s advice that kept me focused on my goal. I feel as if I’ve been reborn. zivkovic bozidar Comparison

*Disclaimer: Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and adherence to the weight loss program.

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