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Diabetes and Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Dr Shillingford Florida Gastric Sleeve Surgeon

Diabetes and Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Dr Shillingford Florida Gastric Sleeve Surgeon

Diabetes and Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Dr Shillingford Florida Gastric Sleeve SurgeonIn Florida along with the rest of the country the statistics and numbers associated with diabetes are becoming alarming. Diabetes is labelled to be by 2030 affecting more people than the populations of Great Britain and the United States combined. It is sad but true: diabetes is a complex disease - involving environment, genetics, sedentary lifestyle, diet and obesity. People with obesity are at high risk to become diabetic. As the statistics warn diabetes is creeping into all socioeconomic, ethnic and age groups throughout the world.

Gastric sleeve surgery performed by Dr Shillingford in Florida is a method of combatting diabetes and obesity. Research continues to be mounting that gastric sleeve surgery can reverse diabetes or mitigate further complications. Many of Dr Shillingford's patients have offered testimonials and stories supporting that their diabetes has been reversed post gastric sleeve surgery. Complications of diabetes are not easy: degeneration of vision, neuropathy and challenges with walking, kidney and nephrotic concerns and changes in memory and brain function.

Exercise is a key. Many of Dr Shillingford's obese gastric sleeve patients have found that as they lose weight post gastric sleeve surgery their ability to get conditioned and elevate their fitness level is much improved. Dr Shillingford's patients have come in beaming showing their half marathon badges and speaking of improved energy and self esteem. Many times patients and doctors focus on the obvious: the external manifestation of weight loss, the "before and afters" if you so term them. But what we as a team in Florida Gastric Sleeve Surgery wish to convey is the medical piece as well. The improvement of diabetes and the mitigation around avoiding long term complications of diabetes as a disease.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an option that a patient and their family may take years to decide to opt for. The question for debate is how long do diabetics wait if they are a candidate for surgery. That is a question future research on diabetes and obesity will hopefully shine more light on. In the meantime we keep trying to encourage, educate and motivated Dr Shillingford's Florida Based Practice for Gastric Sleeve Surgery. We know diabetes is mounting and are concerned for the health of the population as we move forward.

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