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  • 5 Reasons For Bariatric Patients to Take Up Running

    5 Reasons For Bariatric Patients to Take Up RunningRunning is probably not the activity most bariatric patients think will be their exercise of choice after their gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or lap band surgery. Walking, biking, pilates, or Zumba might come to mind before running. Even kickboxing. But running shouldn’t be put to the bottom of your list. It may not be easy, especially at first, but running has a ton of great benefits. If you don’t really believe us, we’ve listed only 5 out of the many benefits of running:

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  • Hypertension Improves After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

    Hypertension Improves After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common comorbidity of obesity. It can damage arteries, lead to heart attack or heart failure, damage your kidneys, lead to cognitive impairment and dementia, and cause a stroke or TIA among many other possible medical issues. Achieving and maintaining a normal blood pressure is key to preventing these side effects.

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