• Benefits of Protein Shakes Recipes – courtesy of Dr Shillingford’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Practice in South Florida


    A protein shake can be very helpful especially during a hectic and busy morning schedule. It can help with weight loss but even more importantly with overall nutritional status. Some advantages towards weight loss: Simplicity; protein shake is a portable grab-and-go meal. Cost effective, kick, healthy and fast. Avoids sugar crash. It provides steady, sustained […]

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  • Comparing Bariatric Surgeries

    Comparing Bariatric Surgeries

    Are you struggling with weight loss? Then come see Dr. Shillingford in Boca Raton, for your free consultation, regarding the different types of bariatric surgeries he performs, such as the gastric sleeve, lap band, and bypass. The most common of these procedures are the gastric sleeve and the lap band and the differences between these […]

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  • Concerns about Obesity Worldwide Including the UK and the connection to Florida


    In England similarly to Florida the risks of obesity are greatly discussed. The NHS system of healthcare in the UK does cover obesity surgery including gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy. In England there is a concern that half of adults will be obese by 2050; they do have similar to Florida an Obesity Awareness […]

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  • Is the Gastric Sleeve surgery right for you?

    gastric sleeve

    In this society that we live in, individuals are continually attempting to push the envelope farther on how to lose weight with the least possible amount of complications. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure that produces quick and uncomplicated weight loss. The gastric sleeve’s rising popularity can be due to the […]

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