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Sleeve Gastrectomy: Trend or responsibility? – What you have to know before doing this surgery!

Source: Kuwait Times

Obesity kills: life expectancy of a 20-year-old person with a BMI of 40 (for example 121kg/174cm tall) is 13 years shorter compared to a person of the same age with a normal BMI. Obesity is measured by body mass index or “BMI.” BMI is the weight in kg divided by squared meter height. Surgery has been proven to be the most effective, and long lasting treatment for morbid obesity and its related conditions, and results in significant weight loss compared to slimming diets (“yo-yo” effect of weight regain) or intra-gastric balloons (weight regain after removal). This new trend to do Sleeve Gastrectomy completely changes the person’s life and life expectancy. People are realizing that after surgical weight loss that they will enjoy a new quality of life. 96 percent of the patients are satisfied with their life and body changes.

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