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Is the Gastric Sleeve surgery right for you?

Is the Gastric Sleeve surgery right for you?

Is the Gastric Sleeve surgery right for you?

gastric sleeveIn this society that we live in, individuals are continually attempting to push the envelope farther on how to lose weight with the least possible amount of complications. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce the Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure that produces quick and uncomplicated weight loss.

The gastric sleeve’s rising popularity can be due to the fact that it is a restrictive procedure that works better than the lap band and just as well as the gastric bypass but with far less complications. The gastric sleeve surgery involves the removal of 70% to 80% of your stomach which leaves behind a “sleeve” that is essentially your “new” stomach. Just imagine your stomach which is originally in the shape of a football will have 80% of it removed so that it now looks like a banana.

A major benefit to the gastric sleeve surgery is that there is no rerouting or alteration of the stomach or intestines which ensures a much lower chance of complications compared to a gastric bypass. Another advantage to the gastric sleeve procedure is that patients lose around 30% to 60% of their excess body weight within in the first 12 months. Also, the portion of the stomach that is removed contains an appetite stimulating hormone named Ghrelin, thus with its removal, patients have less of an urge to eat.

The gastric sleeve surgery drastically reduces the probability of a plethora of comorbidities over time such as prehypertension, hypertension, dyslipidemia, sleep apnea, diabetes mellitus type 2, and coronary artery disease. When trying to decide which bariatric weight loss surgery to choose, patients usually make a quick decision to do go ahead with the gastric sleeve procedure because of the correlation between weight loss and lower rate of complications. There is a three to one preference for the gastric sleeve surgery when patients are trying to decide between the gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or lap band procedure. The gastric sleeve surgery is becoming an extremely popular procedure done by bariatric surgeons here in Florida. Thanks to the emergence of the gastric sleeve procedure, patients now have less down time and can get back on the beautiful Florida beaches in no time. Now the only is question is if the gastric sleeve surgery is right for you? You can call Dr Kahlil Shillingford’s practice in Boca Raton Florida to learn more of the various options of weight loss surgery including all inclusive packages for the gastric sleeve gastrectomy.

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