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Coconut Oil and Weight Loss Surgery

Coconut Oil and Weight Loss Surgery

Coconut Oil and Weight Loss Surgery

Coconut Oil and Weight Loss SurgeryGastric Sleeve Surgery Patients are always interested in learning more about weight loss both pre and post weight loss surgery. From Palm Beach to Miami, Florida Dr Shillingford’s gastric sleeve surgery patients are keen to learn more about weight loss, metabolism and nutrition.

Coconut oil has been discussed to promote weight loss. Researchers have discovered that besides coconut oil not increasing body fat, it in fact produces a reduction in white fat stores. In one study of obese mice that received a diet rich in either coconut or safflower oil, mice that received the coconut oil were found to have made much less fat cells than mice that received the safflower oil. It is thought that the medium-chain fats found in coconut are absorbed easily and are a source of energy by the body preferentially. The body’s metabolic rate may be increased by coconut oil.

In addition, coconut oil may improve insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance over time. There are anecdotal reports and research that discusses the role of coconut oil and prevention of diabetes. The fat in coconut oil can help a cholesterol profile; thereby preventing heart attacks, disease and stroke.

Coconuts are abundant in areas such as Palm beach, Miami and Florida in general. The coconut palm is believed to have come from someplace in the Malayan archipelago and was soon spread by nature and man. Herb infused coconut has been made use of in Ayurvedic medicine for nearly 4,000 years as an effective parasitic skin disease treatment. Approximately 20 billion coconuts are harvested every year, and even though the Philippines, Indonesia and India are the major producers, the coconut palm also grows in the tropical regions of Asia, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and East Africa. In India there is ample discussion and research regarding the weight loss benefits of coconut.

In addition for weight loss benefits for gastric sleeve surgery patients, coconut oil can also help with skin, hair and digestion. These are all areas that are important for overall well being, appearance and health. We strive to keep educating and learning from our weight loss surgery patients here in Florida about health and nutrition.

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