Gastric Sleeve Surgery, Nutrition and Antioxidants


A healthy diet is a healthy you! Read here more about Top Ten Antioxidants Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

  1. Vitamin C – Yes Age Old Vitamin C; one of the best antioxidants! You probably don’t need us to tell you where to find your vitamin C – orange and grapefruit juice (be careful of combining certain medications with grapefruit juice) and many vegetables. Vitamin C’s antioxidants are helpful to stabilize cells in the body with antioxidant power. It especially works well since many sleeve gastrectomy patients enjoy juicing and eating fruits and vegetables!
  2. Vitamin E – Yup, another timeless one. We all know vitamin E is good to apply topically for skin regeneration and aids with firming skin post weight loss surgery. Vitamin E can be found in almonds, peanut butter and sunflower seeds.
  3. Lutein – Now how’s that one for you, a new one you say? Lutein is a caretenoid and is found in many fruits and vegetables. The Linus Pauling Institute has show research that lutein is very heart healthy and protects from certain cancers as well.
  4. Beta Carotene is another caretenoid and is found in similar foods to lutein. The famous food is of course carrots and many post gastric sleeve surgery patients enjoy getting a juicer and bringing on the carrot juice.
  5. Lycopene, another new one you say? Well known to be found in tomatoes this caretenoid is well known to protect against cancer.
  6. Anthocyanins – These antioxidants are well know to give berries their deep red and blue flavor and are found in wine as well. These are known to give red wine the famous dub of being heart protective. Many berries including strawberries are well know for antioxidants. Many patients with weight loss surgery enjoy eating fruits and vegetables and making lifestyle changes in their cooking post gastric sleeve surgery.
  7. Isoflavones – An antioxidant found in soy and legumes; it is important to note the protein rich diet is healthy for post gastric sleeve patients.
  8. Flavones – Similar to isoflavones and again healthy in a high non fat protein diet.
  9. DHA in omegas – salmon, fish, supplements. Fish oil supplements are key to regulating the nervous and cardiac system
  10. EPA in omegas – similar to above. Post gastric sleeve patients can enjoy these supplements in liquid, chewables or capsules. Nordic Naturals makes an excellent line of products.