Benefits of Protein Shakes Recipes – courtesy of Dr Shillingford’s Gastric Sleeve Surgery Practice in South Florida

A protein shake can be very helpful especially during a hectic and busy morning schedule. It can help with weight loss but even more importantly with overall nutritional status.

Some advantages towards weight loss:

Simplicity; protein shake is a portable grab-and-go meal. Cost effective, kick, healthy and fast. Avoids sugar crash.

It provides steady, sustained energy. It allows you to feel more control and education about your health, nutrition and weight loss.

Dr Shillingford’s gastric sleeve surgery practice based in south florida encourages patients to research and learn new ways to eat a healthy breakfast. Below is an example of a protein shake recipe.

  • Shake
  • Type
  • Ingredients and Special Directions
  • AmarettoCoffee2 scoops optimum nutrition 100% whey vanilla
  • 8 ounces water
  • 1 shot amaretto coffee syrup
  • Coffee to taste