• World Health Day


    Tuesday, April 7, 2015 is World Health Day. This year the World Health Organization’s (WHO) theme is “How safe is your food? From farm to plate, make food safe.” They are asking policy-makers, producers, and the public to think about food safety. Have you considered how safe your food is, where it comes from, was […]

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  • The Dirty Dozen Plus and the Clean 15


    Dr. Shillingford, a South Florida based surgeon specializing in gastric sleeve, lap band, and gastric bypass weight loss surgeries encourages his patients to eat a healthy post bariatric surgery diet. While many of our gastric sleeve, lap band, and gastric bypass surgery patients seek information on incorporating more vegetables into their diets, some also inquire […]

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  • Spring Seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Highlight: Kale


    Our gastric sleeve surgery practice located in south florida has many patients seeking advice on nutrition and health post sleeve gastrectomy/gastric sleeve procedure. Kale is well known to be high in nutritional value and very popular with our gastric sleeve patients. Gastric sleeve patients thrive learning about various ways to use kale in their diet […]

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  • Benefits of Yoga – A Great Exercise for Gastric Sleeve Patients!


    Yoga is a great form of exercise because it can be done by beginners, masters, or anyone in between and can be modified to meet the abilities of most people. Yoga can be done in your home, at the beach, at a studio, or even in your workplace. Yoga has a host of wonderful and […]

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