• Black Beans: An Easy, and Delicious Way to Add Protein and Fiber to Your Diet


    Black beans are a versatile and flavorful addition to both a vegetarian and nonvegetarian diet. As a member of the legume family, they have a reputation for being high in protein and fiber, and they don’t disappoint. With 7 grams of fiber per ½ cup cooked beans, they provide a good portion of your daily […]

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  • Summertime Watermelon and Goat Cheese Bites


    With summer on the way in South Florida, two things there will be more of for sure are barbeques and watermelon. Fresh watermelons can be found in local farmer’s markets in South Florida from April to July. Perfect timing for summer barbeques. But watermelon doesn’t have to be just for dessert.

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  • Smart Swaps


    A few smart snack swaps may help reduce your caloric intake and be better for your health without forgoing taste. By making small changes in food choices, you can reduce your sugar and fat intake and increase your intake of vegetables, nuts, and heart healthy fats. Instead of this Try this Cake, cookies, or brownies […]

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  • Which Type of Exercise is Best?


    Medical experts widely recommend a reduced calorie diet along with exercise as a first line of defense against obesity. But opinions vary greatly between which type of exercise is best for achieving weight reduction (strength training, endurance, or a combination of both). A new study suggests that the type of exercise you choose may be […]

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