• Food Highlight: Chia Seeds

    Chia Seeds

    You might remember chia seeds from spreading on your chia pet and watching them grow. Years later, we are eating them instead of growing them. Chia seeds are small, dark seeds that are slightly bigger than strawberry seeds. They can be found in most grocery stores and health food stores. They can be eaten […]

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  • Celebrities Who Have Been Sleeved


    Some people who have had gastric sleeve surgery, or another type of bariatric surgery, keep quiet about their procedure. This can make it difficult for those seeking advice about the weight loss procedure to know who to ask. This is one reason it’s good that some celebrities are becoming more open to discussing their gastric […]

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  • 5 Anti Inflammatory Foods


    Inflammation seems to be a hot topic in the news lately. Inflammation is the body’s response to outside threats, such as stress, infection, or environmental factors. The immune system responds to these threats by activating proteins in the body to protect its cells and tissues. However, when the body overreacts or there is chronic inflammation, […]

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  • Odds Stacked Against Nonsurgical Weight Loss


    Doctors and clinicians hear it all the time. Overweight and obese patients say they’ve tried every diet and every exercise routine, only to fail to achieve their weight loss goal, or to lose weight and then gain it back. Now there is statistical evidence that shows just how difficult it is for overweight and obese […]

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