• Food Highlight: Fennel


    Fennel is probably one of the vegetables you’ve seen at the grocery store and walked past without really knowing what it was or how to use it. Fennel is a white and green bulb with leafy stalks, slightly reminiscent of a bunch of celery growing out of an onion. The bulb, stalks, leaves, and seeds […]

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  • Consider Getting Your Groceries Delivered

    Consider Getting Your Groceries Delivered

    While it may seem like a luxury, getting your groceries delivered may be quite practical. Once upon a time the thought of ordering food from a restaurant and having it delivered to your home seemed a luxury, too. But just as ordering take out has it’s advantages, so does grocery delivery. More grocers are offering […]

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  • Ways to Use Leftover Chicken


    When you roast chicken, you get a great meal. You also will likely get leftover chicken. While this is often a good thing for some, for others it can create a challenge. For fear of hearing “Chicken again?” at the dinner table, getting creative with chicken leftovers can be crucial. For gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, […]

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  • Fitting in 30 minutes of Exercise to Your Day

    Fitting in 30 minutes of Exercise to Your Day

    The best way to deal with something that is too big to handle at once is to break it apart into more manageable pieces. That can be said for projects at work, moving, home renovations, kids’ science fair projects, and yes, even exercise. While at least 30 minutes a day is recommended to maintain good […]

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